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I am a local resident of Millers Point and have been living in the City of Sydney council area for the past 16 years. 
Having  the freshest local produce on our doorstep is an amazing offering and one our area has been missing for many years.
Each week we get excited to know such amazing suppliers like Prickle Hill, Doyles, Nobel Organic meats (just to name a few), are happy to  come to us, and be at our service. Not only that, to have the market be able to continue during covid has been so reassuring, knowing we could do our shopping safely, social distancing (& outdoors), while being around the friendly faces in our neighbourhood. This has also meant we have been able to check and keep an eye on some of our older community members at the same time while never feeling anyone's safety is compromised. 
We have been really impressed by how well organised the markets are and how safe we have felt attending each week. A huge thanks goes out to the organisers who have worked so hard to ensure we locals have this benefit of which we are all thrilled about. 
Knowing that some of our other locals are giving up their time to ensure our safety and wellbeing, reminding us to socially distance and ensuring our hands are sanitised and clean upon entry, makes us feel an even greater sense of community. Involving so many professionals and like minded suppliers, also keen to do the right thing, has been an added bonus.  
Meeting these many providores who have continued to keep us healthy and well stocked, and knowing that by doing so we have been supporting local business and farmers, gives us a good feeling that we are each supporting the other in difficult times.
Having this weekly market has given us a sense of community and belonging we have never felt before, something I thought would never happen living in the middle of such a big cosmopolitan city.
So once again my huge thanks to all those involved in allowing this market to be established and for supporting its ongoing operation, we would really now be lost without it.

Local Millers Point Resident

Just wanted to offer some congratulations on the operation of the Millers Point Farmers Market.
Recently a farmers market has started up and we try to get there each week. Not only nice to have access to some interesting goodies but its appreciated that we can support local growers and small businesses. And good that it provides an opportunity to chat to some other locals. Keep it up please

Local resident of Millers Point

I wish to write in strong support of the Monday night Farmers Market in Millers Point. I am a resident of the area and my wife and I use the markets each week for the purchase of excellent fruit and vegetables as well as meat and fish produce. The market started late last year in 2019  after a considerable effort by a small number of dedicated local residents and it has been very popular with the community from the start. There was a concern that the COVID 19 threat would cause it to close, but due to the implementation of safe health practices and social distancing by attendees, the market has thrived over recent months. Its success can be attributed to not only the quality of produce but also the important role it has played in the social life of Millers Point, during a time of forced isolation of the residents and a period of increased risk of mental health issues. The Farmers Market has provided an excellent opportunity for many residents of the area to maintain social interaction with others in the community in a safe, well managed environment. As it operates only between the hours of 3.00pm and 7.00pm once a week and as most attendees walk form the surrounding streets, it has very little impact on the locality in terms of noise, crowds or traffic. I strongly support the continuation of the markets and welcome Council's ongoing support for the operation.

Local Resident of Millers Point

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