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Our chocolate will suit your customers that are looking for an authentic Australian taste experience. Chocolate featuring our clear product labelling and amazing selection of premium ingredients will add to your product offering. Our existing re-sellers report extraordinary repeat purchases. All this makes Charley's a winner for you.


Cheese on Wheels

Since 2012, we pride ourselves on sourcing Australian & European best Hand made, Farmhouse Cheese. Our small and eclectic range includes some old time favourites as well as quirky limited edition cheese creation. 
We looking forward to serving you at the market or in-store.



The Doyle Family welcome you to our Australian heritage seafood cafe. While Doyles on the Beach at Watsons Bay is the original site from 1885, we have grown to open more locations around Sydney and are known all over the world for our famous seafood.


Fils de Pomme

Fils de Pømme Australia is a small business with the dream of bringing high quality, forward thinking brands to the Australian market. Every product is personally selected based on taste, sustainability and the nature of the people that created them.


From Silvia

"We believe simply being gluten free is not good enough. We strive to create gluten free food that is not just gluten free but uses the best quality ingredients and is good to eat."

Silvia began experimenting with gluten free baking over 20 years ago and has been a successful stall owner at some of Sydney's most popular organic farmers markets.


Gateway Florist

The Gateway Florist has been a part of Annapolis since 1979, originally located in the historic district at the "Gateway" entering the city of Annapolis. In the summer of 1999 we relocated to our current home in the Geaorgetown Plaza at 914 Bay Ridge Road. The Gateway Florist has continously provided Annapolis and the capital area with the most creative ideas and unique gifts making us much more than your typical florist.


Noble Organics

Noble Organics began with the idea to bring the freshness of the farm to your dining room.

We found that often the produce found in stores had been frozen or packed full of preservatives that the flavour had been lost or changed; so we set out to make eating healthy taste amazing.

We are a family owned and operated business and made our first appearance at the local Sydney farmers markets in 2013 and since that point have never looked back.

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Prickle Hill Produce

Prickle Hill now grows oranges, quinces, figs, plums, peaches, jujubes, lemons, loquats, olives and apricots. Fresh, preserved, or dried- Roy and James are committed to getting this wonderful produce from the farm to your table in the highest possible quality.

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Vincenzo's Plate

Ever since opening our doors in 2000, we’ve hosted a number of local vendors. Itaka has been with Heather Smith for many years — offering residents in the greater San Francisco area with quality local-made goods. With the products provided by Itaka, you can be sure to go home with a smile on your face.


Whisky Enlightenment

Whisky Enlightenment is a small, dedicated and passionate team that is based in Australia. Initially starting as a shared dream due to our love of whisky, we took our passion and created something that is designed to support, develop and share the amazing industry that is  Australian Whisky, whilst finding our own place within it.

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